Monday, October 16, 2006

Request for a quilt and lots of prayer...

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We recently received a request for a quilt from Carolyn D. to go to a 5 year old little boy in Catonsville named Patrick who was recently diagnosed with cancer in his hip (osteosarcoma). Patrick began chemo last week, and has been up to the challenge so far. In about three months he will endure hip replacement surgery and another nine months of chemo. Carolyn said the family would appreciate prayer for Patrick and will keep us updated on Patrick's progress by leaving comments to this post.

I am sending out this beautiful quilt today to go directly to Patrick's house. Thank you to the wonderful quilter who made this one!

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Carolyn D. said...

Patrick has received his quilt and is very happy! Unfortunately, he had a very tough week last week with an infection that hospitalized him. His attitude is still great, though. The next round of chemo begins tomorrow and the doctor's expect it will be a little less upseting to his body. The family really appreciates everyone's prayers.