Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quilts to fire victims in Southern California

The Annapolis Chapter boxed up 35 quilts to send to the kids who were evacuated in Southern California due to wildfires.

11/12/07 Update!

We received a letter from the people in San Diego who received our box of quilts:

Thank you so much to you and your quilters group for the donation of children's quilts. They were beautiful. I live in one of the burned communities and am involved in a major fire relief project that has been ongoing since all of this started. So many of the families are dispersed at this time and quite overwhelmed I might add so our main plans of attack are A) working directly with famlies we know personally B) working through a relief team (mine is Hope United Methodist) and C) working colaberatively (50+ teams) to effectively reach all famlies.

I delivered the quilts to the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Poway, California where an event called a Free Store took place this past Saturday. I chose this particular event because it is close in location to a community, Ramona that has 300 fire families below the poverty line, and thus uninsured or underinsured. This event was open to any family that had a FEMA registration card which means anyone whose home was lost.

The volunteers were ecstatic to receive the quilts as bedding is one of the big needs. So, a huge thank you to you and your group. I just came home from serving a Free Turkey Meal to fire fighters and fire families tonight in Ramona. It is a humbling experience to be with people who have experienced such loss yet they are trying hard to stay upbeat and keep going. The quilts and other acts of kindness are what they are relying on to bring peace during this challanging time. We are all so greatful that people across the country or pouring out their kindness to help as these families begin to build their lives. All the best to you and your quilters. I am so glad there are people like all of you in this world caring and loving those who need it!

Blessings to all,

Beth Preece Foster


Sue said...

I stumbled upon your blog while doing a google search for tips on making flannel/fleece blankets. The community college I work for is doing a blanket drive for project linus this year and while I used to quilt quite a bit 10-15 years ago, I haven't touched my machine in as long. I'm not sure I remember how! But I'm going to give it a try.

Your blog has been so inspiring. What a wonderful thing you all are doing. Thank you for posted the photos of your beautiful quilts. I'm sure the kids adore them.

Croe said...

Thank you Sue! If you are in our area drop by one of our quilting workshops, we can help to get you started quilting again. We meet the second Saturday of every month.


Taylorck2 said...

I wish I could but I'm in Sacramento, CA. I have been inspired enough, though, to look into a refresher course in my area.

Croe said...

Sacramento! I am a Northern California native--moved to Maryland a few years ago. I think there is a Quilts for Kids chapter in Sacramento if you want to join an established group. Have fun! There are lots of kids at the Shriner's Hospital and U.C.Davis who are in need of some warm quilts. Let me know if you need fabric to get going.